Biomedica Foscama is a well-established and structured company

Biomedica Foscama is the ideal partner for the development and production of sterile drugs, thanks to the highest quality standards and the use of the most advanced technologies in the industry. Biomedica Foscama believes in the future, in people, in optimal and tailored solutions for specific needs of its parnters. Biomedica Foscama invests in people and cutting-edge technologies with the ambition of maintaining a leading position in the pharmaceutical sector.

The values of Biomedica Foscama are reliability, ethics, attention to people, both employees and customers, corporate social responsibility, pursuit for  innovation.

In addition to all this, the company is focused on technological research and regular training of staff aimed at a continuous and ambitious improvement and a constant development to ensure always excellent quality standards.

Biomedica Foscama

The ideal partner for the development and manufacturing of sterile products

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