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Biomedica Foscama is an international company that  supplies with its own branded products more than 15 countries worldwide. Biomedica is the ideal partner for the development and manufacturing of sterile products.


Foundation of the company from the union of Biomedica International and Foscama


Launch in Italy of Hexaphosphine (fructose-1,6-diphosphate)


Launch of TAD (glutathione) in Italy

October 2019

Acquisition by auction of the site from SPL

November 2019

Complete revamping to reactivate the site

July 2020

GMP certificate for finished dosage form

August 2020

GMP certificate for API 


New injectable vials area with tunnel, autoclave for terminal sterilization


New freeze-drying area to increase current production capacity


New area dedicated to vaccines and high containment products

Our Excellence

Biomedica is a partner able to cover the whole value chain vertically integrated:

from the production of active ingredients (freeze-dried in bulk) to the filling and packaging of the finished product, up to the marketing of pharmaceutical products, relying on high quality standards and advanced technologies.
Biomedica pursues a company policy aimed at a continuous and ambitious improvement that is achieved through a team of reliable and experienced managers as well as highly skilled workforce, capable to handle development process and production of  pharmaceutical products of both  well established and new projects implementation.

Biomedica Foscama

The ideal partner for the development and manufacturing of sterile products

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