The site is designed to ensure the highest quality production standards in accordance with the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices)

and operate in full compliance with the EU regulation and guarantees the maximum efficiency of all processes.

The Quality System acknowledges and follows the national (AIFA) and international (EU GMP) standards in order to take care of the whole cycle of products, constantly guaranteeing their quality and protecting the patient’s health.

Our modern quality control laboratories are authorized by the competent authorities to perform all the necessary analyses to control the quality of medicines and APIs for human use. Our technicians, specialized and constantly updated, follow the production activities and verify the correspondence of the products to the specifications, applying the procedures of the Biomedica Quality Management System.

The facilities and the Quality System are regularly and periodically checked and certified by national and international competent authorities, such as EMA, AIFA and Notified Bodies.

Biomedica Foscama is proud to have all high-tech equipment, thanks to a long-term entrepreneurial vision that has allowed the group to stay ahead of changes in the industry and to invest in cutting-edge solutions.

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