Pharmacovigilance refers to all the activities necessary for the identification and management of suspected adverse reactions observed during the use of a drug. The main objective of Pharmacovigilance is to protect the patient from the risks that may be associated with therapy, as well as to constantly and more precisely redefine the safety profile of medicines.

Pharmacovigilance is therefore an essential activity to learn more about drugs, properly inform the doctors who prescribe them and protect the patients who take them, ensuring their safety of use over time.

If you notice any adverse or unexpected event after taking any drug, do not hesitate to talk to your doctor or pharmacist.


If you want to report a suspected adverse reaction following the use of a Biomedica Foscama drug, you can:

fill in the appropriate reporting form available at the following link and send it to the Pharmacovigilance Manager of your ASL by e-mail or fax to the available addresses at the following address:

Follow the guided procedure directly online on the website