Vaccines and high containment products

Biomedica Foscama has the capabilities to fill in vaccines with all the technologies (including  mRNA) Department  Biosafety Level 2 (according to WHO Collaborating Center for clinical care, diagnosis, response and training on Highly Infectious Diseases).

The completion of the department is expected by 2021.

The department is equipped with high performance robotic filling line completely automated , able to  fill vials and pre-filled syringes. The machine is equipped with brushless motors engines and robotic system for movement and  dosage of the material. The activities are performed in aseptic ambient, inside a A grade structure equipped with RABS; with this equipment is possible to fill also high potent pharmaceutical products in a high containment area, without human intervention.

Annual capacity is approximately 80,000,000 vials or 160,000,000 syringe vials.

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The pandemic led to a tremendous and unexpected change worldwide and everyone should contribute for its part to face this period, never underestimating the emergency. Now that vaccines are available, as an entrepreneur I feel the urgency to contribute personally with my experience and my facility to the production of vaccines in our country.

Dr Massimiliano Florio – President of Biomedica Foscama

Biomedica Foscama

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